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DG NAB’s degree: HEC changes stance thrice


DG NAB’s degree: HEC changes stance thrice

SLAMABAD: The mellower Department of Education charge accepts converted its stance tercet clocks during the academic degree of music director oecumenical NAB Lahore Major (retd) Saleem Shahzad.While on Friday HEC and NAB Lahore began circulating a letter dated June 19, 2018 among media persons about the attestation of DG’s degree, the Assistant Attorney General-Advocate Mansoor Tariq has exposed the reality of the degree.

DG NAB’s degree: HEC changes stance thrice

Talking to The intelligence on Fri, Advocate Masnoor said the degree of DG NAB has no legal value as it was obtained through an illegal campus of the Alkhair University. The assistant attorney general said the HEC’s response deferred in April 2018 ere the Peshawar gamey courtroom (PHC) bears logical in which it was acknowledged that the level cost averred by the body inadvertently.

He averred at the clock of cutting degree in 2003, the Alkhair University was not competent to issue degree in any part of Pakistan apart from the Bhimber Campus. The dubious degree of the senior NAB official from unrecognised and banned capital of Pakistan campus of Al-Khair Alkhair University, Islamabad, was attested by the HEC on 20th October 2015.

However, in April 2018, the HEC changed its stance and aforesaid the academic degree from an black campus was attested inadvertently as the campus of university was not mentioned in degree and the HEC official considered it from a legal campus of the university, which is in the AJK.

“The grade of Mr Shahzad Saleem constituted verified by HEC Regional center on, Peshawar, inadvertently and inwards disguise of the same as the university issued degree/transcript from its principal seat Viz Bhimber, which resulted in verification of the said degree,” says the response submitted by the HEC through the assistant attorney general.

The DG arrogated he held the arcdegree of Masters in computing device Sciences from Alkhair University of 2002. But the degree is awarded on-duty the basis of two years physical attendance of school and credit hours for which the DG never assumed a farewell from the office, rather he stayed on duty on-duty daily basis in that period.


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